We Have Set The Standard
We pride ourselves on being different than any other sober living facility that you may have encountered.  We know that addicition is a progressive and fatal illness that should not be handled lightly.  Therefore, we understand that this disease has placed you in a life or death siituation; we are here to show  you the path to life.

Hilton House

The Structure That Makes Us Different
  1. Accountability
    Most residents lives have lacked accountability for a significant period of time, we at the Hilton House believe that we could not survive without this vital principle. Residents are required to hold themselves and their peers responsible for actions, attitudes and behaviors that hinder the recovery process.
  2. Responsibiltiy
    Being a productive member of society means being responsible. The way we instill this principle in our residents is by requiring them to find and sustain employment, doing chores, maintaining cleanliness in their rooms and common areas, and to be fiscally mature.
  3. Fellowship
    We are an establishment of men who come in with a common problem seeking a common solution. The Hilton House is the opportunity to be a part of a group of men that understand exactly what you are going through. In recovery, fellowship equals family. Welcome home.
  4. Recovery
    Recovery gives one an opportunity to be divorced form a hopeless state of mind and body, and an attitude of indifference. The way we recover is the 12 Steps.
Executive Director